Lake County Connect (LCC) is a group of local residents and business people gathering data concerning Broadband in Lake County. What is available? Will there be enough Broadband to meet future needs?  How do we tap into the “backbone” of fiber optic cable that’s buried down the center of Harrison Avenue? What are neighboring rural communities doing concerning Broadband?

Consider all of the technologies that we’ve come to depend on for day-to-day living, both personal and business-related . Cell Phones – check. Internet – check. Running credit cards for business purchases – check. Downloading movies – check.  School work – check. Medical procedures and reports – check. The list seems endless. Slowly, small rural communities like Leadville have become increasing dependent on Broadband.


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  1. Huge thanks to Kathy Bedell for the great site. The links and info are appropriate and informative. See you all on Friday, May 4th at 10am at cmc, in the Climax building for the next meeting

  2. Thank you Broadband team!

  3. I had Wildblue for awhile but dropped it when they said the new broadband would NOT be available in our area

  4. I have been to most of the meetings and appreciate those involved, to move Leadville/Lake County into the 21st century.

  5. I switched from Wildblue to Hughes and I am very happy so far. I do not have Comcast or other wired service available.
    The cell service is Verizon and is very eratic but Verizon admits their service is troubled and is not really 3G anywhere in the Leadville area.
    I have tried various cell internet devices and they do not work even sitting under the cell tower.

  6. I’ve always had Verizon and never had service at my home. I’ve used Hughes and now Wildblue. Can not Skype or download movies.

  7. Would love to see an option in Twin Lakes… Running credit cards for business purchases – uncheck. Downloading movies – uncheck. School work – uncheck. Medical procedures and reports – uncheck.

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